Summary- Shidaizumi Sake Brewery  

About Shidaizumi Sake Brewery

 There are a great many factors that have to be carefully consided in the production of high quality sake. Such factors are air, weather, water rice, koji(a kind of enzyme), yeast and the method of which Toji, a production master, uses to produce the highest quality Sake. These factors deeply influence the delicate and yet complex taste of sake tremendously.

 Shidaizui Sake brewery is located on the waterfront of the Seto River (approximately 20 kilometers West of Shizuoka city). My great grandfather ,Kyusaku Mochizuki, founded the brewery in 1882. He chose the current brewery site because of the excellent water quality of the Seto river which is a soft water. The water quality is very important for sake production. We only use soft water from the river that is suitable for slow fermentation in lower temperature. This process gives our sake its distinct taste, smooth and crystal clear like a snow fed stream in high mountains.

 The Toji use his craftmanship to carefully cultivates the taste of sake by blancing the delicate combination of water and rice. You should be able to sense the sweet milky taste of rice, an another essence of sake, from our products.


We have fortunately got a gold prize at the National New Sake Awards in 2014. Totally,we got 17 times

Natinal New Sake Awards
This is the biggest competition in Japan for ginjo-shu produced during the previous winter season. It was started in 1911. The contest is now held jointly once a year by the 'National Reserch Institute of Brewing' and the 'Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association'. Gold prizes are awaded to excellent sakes.

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Shidaizumi Tokubetu Honjyouzo
Fresh pear or banana on nose. Basically dry Slightly sweet in fressness on palate completes clean refreshing finish. Sharpness and slightly bitter taste is derived from Gohyakumangoku rice. raw fish,tuna,Bonito and Squid would be greate accomapnied to this sake.
Type:Honjyouzou   Variety of Rice:Gohyakumangoku   Rice polishing rate:50%    Yeast:ShizuokaNEW-5
≪Heisei23 Brewery Year≫Nihonsyu-do:+6.5 Acidity:1.2
≪Heisei25 Brewery Year≫Nihonsyu-do:+5.0 Acidity:1.2
Shidaizumi tokubetuhonjyouzou won silver medal at Inter national wine challege 2014.
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Shidaizumi Daiginjyou
Using high quality Yamadanishiki rice from Hyougo. One of our goal is to be a gold prize winner of "National New Sake Award" by National Research Institute of Brewing. we brew only one Daiginjyo moromi mash for this award. Since,If we win gold prize,our daigijyou is no less elegant as Goleden prize sake.Very fragrant lifted on nose with various fruits especially delicious apple.It is complex and silky with some sweetness.
Type:Daiginjyo   Variety of Rice:Yamadanishiki   Rice polishing rate:40%    Yeast:M310
≪Heisei23 Brewery Year≫Nihonsyu-do:+6.5 Acidity:1.2